Inspirational Speaker

To some, an inspirational speaker and a motivational speaker are one in the same. Technically, however, you can be inspired by people, but no one can truly motivate you except for you. Inspirational speakers seek to encourage . . . to help audiences identify their value and potential, and Dana does just that!

Dana’s Primary Speaking Topics Are 

  • Marriage and family
  • Women’s issues
  • Faith and Christian living
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sexual integrity

So if you are looking for an energetic, impactful inspirational speaker for who will “keep it real” with your audience, book Dana Che today.

Inspirational Speaker Dana Che



I sat in that room crying because this was exactly what the students needed to hear! So many of our kids (especially our guys) goof off when speakers come to share, but Dana had them on the edge of their seats. A few even came up to me in class afterward saying how Dana had really made them think. Amazing. Awesome. I’m blown away. — Joy Bryant, teacher

Your speech was awesome! I’ll be honest, a lot of speakers come to our school to speak and lose me and the other student’s attention. When you came, you had every kid’s attention, and that usually isn’t the case. I think we really needed to hear your message today, especially your testimony. Right after you were done, I went to the office to buy your book. I don’t usually like to read, but I’m already on chapter 12 . . .–Aaron, student, age 17

Dana is sharp, humorous and exudes excellence – which is why we ask her to preside over our most important event of the year. I’m so grateful for Dana! — Toby Debause, President, Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater

You did an amazing job tonight at our fundraising banquet keeping the attention of 1200 people with your personality, wit, humor and charm. Thanks so much for your support of CPC! We love you! – Vernicia Eure, M.A., C.T,. Director of Client Services

I think Mrs. Dana’s talk was really good. She spoke the truth and didn’t try to avoid the topic (about sex). She knows what really goes on in our lives because she was in our shoes at one point. I think she is a great role model for young girls.– Kylie K., student, age 16

Dana is such a relatable speaker. She is a wife and mom in the trenches of daily life. She bravely shares her life experiences, messes and all to bring us a redeeming lesson that’s practical enough in our lives. She’s talented, humorous, and anointed -truly a blessing.– Rachel Watkins, M.A., Coordinator, Mothers of Preschoolers

Inspirational Speaker Dana Che has spoken at churches, women’s events and conferences, high schools, colleges, pregnancy resource centers, non-profit organizations and more!