Writing Young Adult Fiction

The Truth About Writing Young Adult Fiction

writing young adult fictionBy now you’ve likely heard the news that I recently published my first young adult fiction book, The Choice That Changed Her Life. What an amazing, LONG process this has been. This book has lived in my imagination and in my heart for 7 years! Taking the journey toward becoming a published author leads me to clue other would-be authors in on the truth about writing young adult fiction.

What Young Adult Fiction Is NOT

1. First off, to be clear young adult fiction is not teen fiction. Many 30 somethings read young adult books on the regular. Just check out this article Publisher’s Weekly posted on the real young adult readers. A more appropriate age breakdown, in my opinion, would be anywhere between 15-35.

2. Young adult fiction is not always written by young adults. Many “seasoned authors” in their later 60’s and beyond write books for young adults.

3. Young adult fiction is not just sappy, romance novels. Sure, there’s some of that in every genre, and though most young adults are concerned with love and romance, there are tons of other topics that appeal to young adult fiction readers as well.

So if you’re looking at writing young adult fiction books, remove your limitations! There are stories galore to tell!

How I Started Writing Young Adult Fiction

When I started writing The Choice That Changed Her Life, I didn’t set out to write the entire Choices book series. It just kind of happened, organically. I had a story in mind . . . a story that would tell what teenage pregnancy is really like by someone who had experienced it. Sadie Walker’s story is loosely based off of my life as a teenager. And by loosely, I do mean loosely. We actually have more differences than we have things in common. What we do share in experience though is we both got pregnant at 17.

Some people dread memories of high school. Not me! I loved that time in my life, and it was easy for me to go back there in my imagination, creating characters that somewhat resembled people I went to school with and some I’m glad I didn’t go to school with!

I classify my books “realistic fiction.” No vampires and ware wolfs here . . . just a good story line about what happens in typical young adult life.

I hope my readers will find themselves in the characters of my book. And most of all, at the end, I pray my books will help young adult fiction lovers find hope and courage for every situation they face.

The Choice That Changed Her Life is now available on Amazon. Get yours today!

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