The Joy of Living On Purpose Every Day 2

The Joy of Living On Purpose

living on purposeHow many of us can truly say we are “living on purpose”? Sadly, most people skimp their way through life, not ever coming face to face with their God-given purpose. Don’t believe me? Just ask three to five people you know, “What’s your purpose?”  See how many can tell you.

Several years ago I read Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life book. I remember closing the book at the end of the last chapter and feeling so empowered. I literally felt unstoppable. That’s what coming in contact with your purpose will do for you. It underscores the fact that there are no limits, no boundaries to what you can accomplish once you realize your God-given potential.

You Are Not an Accident

No matter how you came into this world . . . whether you were born to two parents who desperately wanted a child or whether you were the product of a violent rape, you are not an accident. As the older folks used to say, “God don’t make no mistakes.” If He allowed you to be born, it must have been for a purpose.

When I realized I was pregnant at 17, I could have easily thought my unplanned pregnancy was some sort of punishment for my disobedience. I could have chosen to take matters into my own hands and get rid of the “problem.” But I realized something. There are teenagers having sex all over the world and only a fraction of them get pregnant. God had a purpose for this child, and I would not interfere with that. Even though I had messed up, my unborn child represented God’s grace.

Keys to Living On Purpose

key to living on purpose Living on purpose will be the single greatest thing you ever accomplish. You can make all the money in the world, but if you’re not living on purpose, your life will be empty and you’ll always be searching for the next greatest _______.

Here are some ways to be sure you are living your life on purpose.

1. Get in touch with your Creator.

You may not consider yourself a religious person, but you came from somewhere. I believe that God created every person with a specific purpose in mind. Once you discover that, by finding out who He is, the rest is easy.

2. Discover your gifts and talents

Your purpose is likely tied to your natural gifts and talents. For example, if you have an amazing singing voice, it’s likely that you are supposed to use that voice to bless others. If you have a gift to teach, it’s likely that your purpose is wrapped up in you teaching and instructing others.

3. Reconnect with your dreams

Not many people are connected with their dreams, meaning their life song . . . their ultimate goal in life.  One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself emotionally is to get in touch with the dream of your heart. You will find your purpose nearby.

4. Listen to your heart

Have you ever been watching TV or listening to a speech and heard something that set your heart alarms off? What you are passionate about is a tell-tale sign of what your purpose is. What moves your heart? What would you do for free? How do you think your life could affect the most good?

5. Get started and get going

Knowing is half the battle, but if you are to live a life of purpose you must do something. Get plugged in somewhere where your gifts can be appreciated. Determine to affect change in your sphere of influence.

I’ve made it my chief aim to live on purpose every day, and even named my company On Purpose Media and Marketing Solutions. Won’t you join me in living your purpose every day?

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