Teen Sex Are They Already Doing It

Teen Sex: The Truth- Are They Already Doing It?!

problem with teen sexBy the time I was 16, I was already having sex, much to the surprise of my mom. Unfortunately, many parents rely on the schools to teach their teen about sex. However, recently I read an article in the L.A. Times about how we might just be a little too late with the current sex education schedule in most schools.

Not to mention the debate: should schools be teaching our kids about sex anyway? Isn’t that the parent’s responsibility? I say a very loud, “YES!” Parents are the gatekeepers. Parents are the ones given the incredible responsibility to raise their kids with values, morals and self-worth. So when the CDC reports that 39% of 17-year olds are having sex and nearly 1/4 of them don’t use any contraception, I say there’s a huge problem!

Why Are Teens Having Sex?

Where is the breakdown? I know in my own life, it wasn’t that I wasn’t taught about sex from my parent(s). My mom did a great job teaching my sisters and I about abstinence. But that’s where it stopped. I had issues with my own value and self-worth and sex became my way of feeling accepted and loved. Thank God for putting the brakes on me by allowing me to get pregnant at 17. Yes, I consider that a huge blessing is disguise, because the road I was headed down wasn’t pretty.

Teens have sex for a number of reasons. Why don’t you comment in the box below on why you started having sex as a teen? 🙂 In all seriousness, the biggest reasons are to feel a connection, to be accepted, to feel loved.

The problem is that sex doesn’t satisfy. Not for long anyway. I say we teach teens about the difference between real intimacy and sex. Now, that’s a conversation I would love to have! Check out my latest video on the whole teen sex drama and please, share your thoughts below.


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