Taylor Smith Letter to Herself Inspired Me 1

How Taylor Smith’s Letter to Herself Inspired Me to Vision

Taylor Smith's letter

Taylor Smith’s letter to herself has gone viral, being shared all over the country. You might have read the story of 12 year-old Taylor Smith who wrote a very touching letter to herself to only be read by herself in 20 years. That was in 2013. Sadly, Taylor passed away only months after she wrote the letter. Her parents found the letter while going through her things after her death. Taylor’s decision to write a letter to herself inspired me to write my own letter to myself to be read again in 5 years and share this video with you.

If you’ve followed my blog or watched any of my videos, you know I am a HUGE believer in being visionary and the joy of living on purpose.┬áIf 12 year-old Taylor Smith can do it, so should we!

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