I Regret Having Sex With My Boyfriend

I Regret Having Sex With My Boyfriend

regret sex with boyfriendMany young people (especially girls) around the world can sing this tune. Such was the case from “Regretting My Decision in Norfolk, VA, who wrote “I regret having sex with my boyfriend,” in an email that I’m featuring on my Today with Dana Che: Relationship Q& A video session. Can you think back to your first time? I’d be willing to bet if you had sex as a teenager, nearly 50% or more regretted it later.

I know I did! Teens, young people and even some grown folk hop into bed, thinking that sex will draw them closer to their partner. Many are left disappointment and yes, even ashamed.

Watch the video to see how I handle this delicate situation, and as always, please share your thoughts!

Not everyone chooses to wait to have sex for religious or even moral reasons. That’s why teaching abstinence from a purely religious point of view leaves a large group out. When I speak to youth groups, I tend to approach the topic from an integrity point of view . . . I love the term, sexual integrity.

The girl who emailed me was not living in integrity with herself. She compromised her values for the sake of someone else! Bad, bad decision. However, I do believe that every mistake can be redeemed.

Let me offer an inspirational word of encouragement to young people: never lower your standards to please someone else. You’ll only end up regretting it in the long run.

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