Taking the Plunge PRK Eye Surgery (Lasik) V.1 4

Taking the Plunge! My PRK Eye Surgery (LASIK) Journey- V.1

prk eye surgeryAhhh!! I’m super nervous, but I’ve done all the research, thinking, asking questions, praying and deciding that I need to do. Tomorrow is D- Day, or shall I say L-Day. I’m having PRK Eye Surgery (LASIK) after a 10-year deliberation! Just to give you a little background, my current eyesight is 20/400. Nope, not a typo. That means I can see only at 20 feet what people with “normal” vision can see at 400 feet.

I normally wear contacts, but . . . well you’ve just got to watch the video below to hear about that fiasco!



LASIK Eye Surgery Takeaways

Several things come to mind that I believe are great takeaways concerning this whole PRK/LASIK eye surgery situation.
1. CLARITY- We must have a clear vision of our lives if we are to actually make any real strides forward. I just recently re-wrote my life’s vision statement. I had been involving myself in some activities that were counter-productive (nothing sinful, don’t worry!) and time sucks. Get clear on your vision. Pun absolutely intended!
2. FOCUS- How often are we told that multi-tasking will yield better results? Actually my business mentor says, “Multi-
tasking is not a skill of the wealthy.” What do you think about that? Kinda messes with your paradigm huh?
3. COURAGE- I deliberated over having this PRK eye surgery for over 10 years. Why? FEAR! I was so afraid that I would be in the <.00000001% of people (not an actual statistic) who would have complications. What if I go blind? What if my eyeballs fall out on the floor? What if it doesn’t work and I need even thicker glasses? What if, what if, what if??? Fear. Fear. Fear. Going through with this procedure is helping me to overcome other fears in my life as well. 
Maybe you don’t need PRK or LASIK. Maybe your “vision” is just fine. That’s wonderful, but let this be a lesson to you to get clarity in other areas of your life. Get clear. Get focused. Live with courage.
One more thing: no makeup for me for 7 days? No woman ophthalmologist made up that rule, for sure! But it’s a small sacrifice (kind of) and I’m excited for my clearer future. Wish me luck and prayers are definitely appreciated!


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