Pregnant Teen Moms Have Rights Too! 6

Pregnant Teen Moms Have Rights Too

Pregnant Teen MomsImagine being 16 years old and learning you’ve joined the ranks of other pregnant teen moms—you receive the shocking and usually devastating news you’re pregnant. Now, imagine your parents threatening to march you down to the nearest abortion facility to put an end to your little problem. You’re already scared, confused and likely beating yourself up over getting pregnant in the first place. The last thing you’d need is someone, especially your parents, threatening to make you terminate the life inside of you.

Such is the case with an unnamed pregnant teen mom in Texas. After learning of their daughter’s pregnancy, the parents took away her car, forced her to get multiple jobs and threatened to force her to abort the baby—their vain attempt to “make her life so miserable that she would abort.”

My question is “Don’t pregnant teen moms have rights too?”

Apparently yes. A Texas judge sided with the pregnant teen and granted her a long-term injunction against her parents. She will be allowed to use her car (which the parents had taken away from her), go to school (they made her drop out) and her parents will be responsible for half of her hospital bills.

The Faces of Pregnant Teen Moms

Pregnant teen moms come in all shapes, races and ages. The most common age for a pregnant teen mom is age 15-19. Statistics would say that the higher the poverty level, the higher the chance of a teen becoming pregnant. But hidden behind the statistics are usually very scared little girls who are growing up too soon. Pregnant teen moms rights

They are not a nuisance to society. They are lost and in need of some direction and purpose in their lives.

That’s why I champion the unnamed teen in Texas for fighting for her right to keep her baby. At 16, she was able to realize that although children don’t always come into this world announced or planned (boy, do I know!), they each deserve a chance to live. Kudos to this young mother for standing up for herself and honoring the life inside of her even at the risk of danger from her own parents.

The abortion conversation has always been very controversial. I would hope that whether you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice, we can all agree that coercion of any kind, especially by parents, on teenage pregnant moms is an injustice to us all.

What do you say? Do you think pregnant teen moms should be forced to abort? Freely share your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Pregnant Teen Moms Have Rights Too!

  • Emily

    Hi, i would just like to say that i am proud of that young lady, i am 19 and have 2 wonderful children and now happily married, so really you never know what great things can come out of this i am now trying to go for higher education to be a nurse to support my babies and give them everything they need and more, as of right now i do have a fairly good job in assist living 🙂 anyways super excited for this young lady great job and keep your head up.

  • Mykayla

    Hi 🙂 I believe this girl did the right thing by saving the little life inside of her. I’m 16 and have a beautiful 4 month old baby boy. I’m with my sons father who has a great job with great benefits. I’m still in school (homeschooled). And I am planning on going to college for nursing and getting a part time job after I graduate here in a few months. I want the world for my son and that’s what he will get 🙂

  • Rev.Scott fultz

    My mother in-law wanted to abort my wife thankfully she didn’t know she was pregnant until 4 months in which in our state it is illegal to abort if she had this world would be without both my beautiful wife who was not only fair queen but is in collage getting ready to go into a masters degree program but it would also be without our beautiful 2 year old son who turns 3 in april