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Sex Sells, Virtue Fails- The Objectification of Women IMO

objectification of women

I stayed up way into the wee hours of the morning reading articles, watching videos and getting angrier by the minute. My anger turned into sadness, then to compassion and back into anger. “This chick has gone too far now!” I said as I closed out the article. I found myself shaking my head, rolling my eyes and looking somberly past my computer screen. What is happening to my sisters?!

I know, sex sells . . . or so they say, but why does it have to be this way?

Let’s back up. This all started when I came across the Kim Kardashian Paper magazine article and yes, those pictures that were supposed to “break the internet.” I refuse to link to any article promoting it.

I don’t have time or space to get into all my thoughts about that article, but my first thought as a married woman and mother were, some things need to be kept private. I’m proud of the way I look. I believe in taking care of yourself and looking your best, but I would NEVER pose naked for the world to see . . . WITW?! Can we say sacred? Some things need to just be for your husband’s eyes only KK.

The Objectification of Women in My Opinion

That article led me to another article and another then another all discussing the objectification of women . . . especially black women. For hundreds of years, black women’s bodies have been made fun of, lusted after, mishandled, abused and put on display for nasty a__ white men’s pleasure (no offense to the good white brothers!).

If you don’t know the history to which I’m referring, does the name Sara Baartman ring a bell? If not, you must watch this video on the objectification of the black woman. Wanna know something even crazier? Black men are now the ones holding the whips and chains literally, and the black women are showing and selling all they’ve got in order to be featured in some dude’s video and winning Video Vixen of the Year. What the what?!

I’m trying very hard not to get off on a tangent. Stay focused Dana, stay focused. Looking at how some women, mostly black, but now Hispanic and white women are even training up their daughters to twerk it, drop it, bounce it, shake it . . . and they think it’s cute. It’s not cute! And we wonder why our men act like animals? They are being fed a steady diet of lust and sex—they can’t get enough. The grittier, the younger, the better.

Gone is the provider-protector-defender of the pack. In his place is a seedy, filthy, horny and “porny” misguided man who gets cheered on by other deceived brothers of the same kind. Let him refuse these sick pleasures and he’s laughed at, joked on, called “gay” and ostracized.

 Women’s Empowerment or Women’s “Devourment”?

objectification of women

The Kim Kardashians, Nicky Minajs, and now the Miley Cyruses think they’re doing feminism a favor. It’s the old “I’m going to hurt you before you hurt me” mentality. “Let’s not allow men to exploit us, let’s take away their power and exploit ourselves.” Rubbish. So now we see women exploiting other women in the name of women’s empowerment. I’m sorry, JLo, but weren’t you supposed to be against the objectification of women, which is why you shot the “I Luh Ya Papi” video featuring all men? The hypocrisy of it all when you did the Booty video though. And then Beyonce tries to backtrack on her longstanding oversexed legacy with the song “Pretty Hurts” as if we would forget about the constant airbrushing and Photoshopping she herself does and how she taught our daughters how to be provocative. Confused yet?

Sorry Iggy, you are not “the new classic.” You’re doing nothing new. Instead, you are taking a powerful word, “classy” and making it trashy. And every real woman knows that.

Young Girls Objectifying Themselves

I was speaking at a school recently, sharing with a group of high schoolers that their identity isn’t in how they look or what they do. Unfortunately, this culture is screaming a different message. Not only are girls and women wearing “curvy” jeans and doing thousands of squats to perfect their tushies, but there were over 10,000 butt implants performed in 2013! Listen to the radio; it seems every song is talking about it . . . butt, bass, cake, a__, whatever you call it, you can’t get away from the message unless you turn off the media altogether. And that might not be such a bad idea . . .

I do not believe that any self-respecting woman parades around showing everything God gave her. As my mama used to say, “leave something to the imagination.” And remember, the most precious jewels stay covered and under lock and key. Only the cheap jewelry is put on display for all the handle and see.

What do you think? Do you think what KK did is “just art” or have we gone too far with the objectification of women?

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11 thoughts on “Sex Sells Virtue Fails

  • Kevin

    This is so sad and discouraging. I couldn’t even read your whole blog. I hope and pray women wake up and realize what they are doing is hurting themselves and many others. Even the images included in your blog are disturbing to me. I would have preferred not to see them.

  • Dana Che Post author

    It’s the truth that sets people free Kevin. I don’t think the images in my post are disturbing . . . I too hope people (women and men alike) wake up and realize what’s really going on. Thanks for sharing.

  • Martin Phipps

    Actually, really, all you are doing is being judgmental. You say “I do not believe that any self-respecting woman parades around showing everything God gave her” but then you would have the Taliban agreeing with and insisting that women wear burkhas. “Some things need to just be for your husband’s eyes only”? Yes, because women belong to their husbands and shouldn’t be allowed in public by themselves, right? Traditional conservative thinking does not constitute liberation for women at all: all it does is shame women and have them declared as “sluts” and “whores” by people who consider themselves righteous. Women should be able to decide who gets to see them naked and should that be nobody or everybody then that’s entirely up to them.

    • Dana Che Post author

      Comparing my comment to the Taliban is extreme, don’t you think? Standing up for what I believe is not judgmental; it’s my opinion which I am entitled to as you are yours. It’s apparent from your comment that you denounce any form of accountability or modesty, which is your right. But please stay away from name calling, especially on my blog. Peace and blessings to you.

  • Francesca

    You said what I’ve been thinking for a long time. I do not have children however I am disgusted by what young girls think is cool. Miley Cyruses appearance on TV was awful, it should have never aired.
    I’m so glad you wrote this article and I’m happy to see that you are speaking to young women of all races!

    • Dana Che Post author

      Thank you Francesca! I have heard many comments publicly and privately that show people appreciate my taking a stand on this topic. I hope more women (and men) will as well. I will continue to stand up for what I believe. The present state of our youth should make us stop and wonder where we went wrong and how we can fix what’s broken. Our kids deserve better!

  • BJ

    Dana I read your article and I totally agree with you. Our own people seem to be declining in their thinking and understanding of what happened a hundred fifty years ago. the black man have replaced the white racist man and a KKK in terms of whips and chains. the only thing that sells are naked bodies, violence and black men being the source of all the problems. the stereotype is much greater and more if believable than the ones who are not fitting the mold. This was a good article. I’m

  • Dana Che Post author

    Exactly BJ! You get it! As a black man, this means a lot that you see the dangers/problems too. Many are blind, men and women alike. The Bible says, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” I’ll keep spreading the Word, you do as well! Thanks for commenting.