Love and Hate, Fear or Faith: The Struggle

Love and Hate, Fear or Faith . . . The Struggle Within

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This morning, I was reading I Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) and I began to ask myself “Do I really love this way?” What is the opposite of love? Hate right. After going through the checklist and realizing that my love tank is empty in many areas, I began to wonder  how love and hate can both operate in our lives. Hate seems like a strong word! I wouldn’t say that I hate anyone. But then again, if I don’t show love, what am I showing?

A Look at the Fear Factor

I’ve written and spoken several times about my relationship with fear. Fear is something I’ve struggled with most of my life. I didn’t ask for this constant companion, but it seems to have attached itself to me since I was a little girl. Faith, on the other hand, has been present too. I had great faith as a child. I believed the best in everybody! I had the faith to believe as much as I could possibly believe as a 5-year old.

So how do fear and faith live in the same heart then?

The same way that love and hate can occupy the same heart.

It’s all in which one you listen to the most . . . which one guides your thoughts throughout the day.

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Fear and Hate: I Didn’t Ask for This!

Human beings usually do what’s most comfortable and familiar to them. Think about the 98% of people who are in the middle and lower economic class. Why is that? Is it because God wants people to have lack? Of course not! It’s because the overwhelming majority of people do not like to step out of their comfort zones and try anything new . . . even it if means it could earn them a mass fortune.

Taking risks isn’t comfortable!

Living by faith isn’t what is familiar to most of us. Therefore, we choose fear over faith. Fear seems to come natural. We don’t ask for it. It just appears! Yet, we have to ask for faith, right?

Fear: the Ever Present Companion

I came to the realization that even though I want to walk by faith. Faith and I are acquaintances. Sure, faith has carried me through some great highs and some awful lows in my life, but fear and I have been partners for years! Fear has been with me through many sleepless nights. Fear shows up at every new opportunity I have. Fear speaks to me constantly. It reaffirms what I’ve chosen to believe. Fear is ever present.

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Faith: the Occasional Visitor

love and hate fear and faith

Now faith comes around too, but only when I ask it to. Faith never seems to initiate a relationship, like fear does. Faith takes more work to maintain than fear. Faith causes me to do some uncomfortable, even scary things! Faith isn’t guaranteed. Faith makes me believe things I’m not sure are true. Faith tells me to speak things that aren’t as though they were (Romans 4.17).

“How can I trust faith when fear is all I really know?”

Well, you don’t deny that fear is there. You simply trust God. You take your fears to God and leave them there. 

You see, the choice to live by faith isn’t an easy choice. But then again,those things in life worth having rarely are.

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