Living by Faith is a Risk

Living by Faith is a Risk

Faith is a RiskSomething happened to me tonight that made me understand that living by faith is a risk. There are no guarantees. There is no way of knowing what we’re believing for will actually happen. Actually faith is one of the least talked about risky behaviors we can practice. In a world where there seems to be no absolutes, I find it interesting that when it comes to taking chances, we all want absolutes!


Tonight I learned a lesson on how faith is a risk with the news that our beloved SUV, “Expi” died. Expi has been with us for nearly five years and didn’t cause us any problems. Save for the occasional and usual maintenance, she was a great vehicle to tote our family of seven (including the dog) around in. Expi has taken us on some fun and adventurous road trips and she’s also helped us transport people in need. Even with my occasional heavy foot, she’s been compliant, never spluttering back at me when I hit her brakes hard. She’s even protected us when we were involved in a few minor collisions.


Expi has accepted the abuse of our children who thought that smearing their clammy hands all over her sparkling glass windows was “neato.” She didn’t say “Gross” when they would flick their boogers on the floor, not realizing I was watching them in my rearview mirror and she only occasionally made a stink when someone spilled milk or forgot to take their sweaty athletic equipment in the house.


But this post isn’t about Expi. It’s about how I’m learning more and more that living by faith is a risk. When you accept Christ, you accept the fact that His will is usually—okay almost always— different than yours. His ways are usually— okay almost always— higher than yours. God doesn’t exist in time and He’s not shy about letting you know it: He’s never in a hurry it seems. Never mind the fact that we only have an average of 80 years on the planet, He just seems to take His sweet little time in getting to our “urgent” needs. But I digress . . .


Trusting God Brings Peace

I’ve given up on trying to know everything that God wants to do in my life. Remember, walking by faith is a risk all the time. Try as I might, He just doesn’t seem to want to spill the beans on all the details. He says things like:


Wait on me.

Trust me.

I’ve got your back.

Don’t worry.

I’m already on it.

Yes, I saw that!

I haven’t forgotten. Dana.

I said I haven’t forgotten.


Sound familiar?

Wanna know one thing I know for sure? Faith is a risk. And as I live by faith, I understand that trusting God brings me peace. Take Expi, for example. When I received word that she had died, I didn’t panic. I wasn’t angry or even sad. And to my therapists’ friends, no I am not in denial. I haven’t missed any steps in the process of grief. I’m actually excited! Why? Because a couple of months ago, I began praying for a new truck. I had a feeling our time with Expi was coming to an end and so I began to pray. I even involved the children who faithfully pray that God will bless us with a new truck.

Now, my plan would have gone something like this:

Expi is rolling along Interstate 64 and pops a tire. She goes careening out of control into oncoming traffic, but the hand of God lifts her up from the miry clay and sets her wheels on a rock to stay. Unfortunately that rock has caused her major body damage and she is considered a “total loss.” But thanks be to God, we are safe! As we cash the check from our insurance company, we give God praise for blessing us with enough money to buy a Toyota Sequoia.

I say I believe faith is a risk. But where’s the risk in that? So God had another plan.

God’s plan:

With little money in the bank and only after they’ve exhausted their pay check on bills, I will allow Expi to unexpectantly die. I will not allow her to be resurrected. I will test the faith of Dana and her family and see if they are willing to trust me when they don’t see the solution. I already have the vehicle in mind for my precious family and it is a _____________. (I told you He doesn’t tell me all the details.) Because I know Dana is a talker and will probably blast this story all over her social media accounts, I will receive much glory when I bless them in an extraordinary way!


This is Part 1 of how living by faith is a risk. Stay tuned for Part 2 which hopefully will be written in a matter of days . . .  but like I said, you never know with God. He’s usually not in a hurry.

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