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Just Have Faith- Part II

Well, it’s been several weeks since my “Living by Faith is a Risk” Part I post. In the humdrum of life and the hustle and bustle, I totally forgot to update you with the testimony. Of course you knew there’d be a testimony right! Although faith wouldn’t be faith without risks, walking by faith is truly the only way to live freely. We must make a decision to just have faith . . . no matter what.

So  here’s what happened: shortly after “Expi” died, our other car broke down too. So that left our family of 7 with no transportation! NOT an option. We don’t have good public transportation where I live, and truth be told I probably wouldn’t use it much even if we did. However, once the second car went down, I knew God was setting us up for a major blessing.

Faith Revelation #1

When you make a decision to “just have faith,” you must understand that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. One of my favorite quotes on faith is “It is always darkest before the dawn.” Don’t be surprised when you’ve been praying for a breakthrough, that the bottom falls out. That usually means you’re on the right track! So I wasn’t in the least bit worried. I really wasn’t. I actually laughed out loud when I learned our other car broke down. The enemy is always trying to tempt you to doubt and be afraid, but you must resist him.

To Go into Debt or Not? That is the Question

As we waited for clear direction on what steps to take next, we had to ask ourselves the inevitable question: Should we get a car loan or not? Living without a car payment for the last five years has been wonderful. On the other hand, we’ve been at the mercy of these older cars too and that can be stressful. I remember a day when we couldn’t pay someone to give us a loan! Now we had several choices and I must admit, it felt good. Being the “frugalista” that I am, I knew even if we went the car payment route, that our selection needed to be modest and easily affordable.

That’s when I saw her . . .

Beautiful, elegant, clean and LOADED, she had everything and more that I wanted in our next vehicle. Leather, DVD, navigation, sunroof, heated and cooled seats, the list went on. Could this be the one, Lord? I wondered. At the advertised price, I knew she’d be gone before morning. Then I heard that still small voice, “Just have faith.” My husband and I were in full agreement. We wanted this truck! Funny enough, she was another Expedition.

From the first phone call to the seller, I felt a sweet rapport. I knew God was opening a door. The buying process was smooth sailing and we walked away with more than we asked for, for cheaper than the advertised price. That’s the kind of God we serve!

So I encourage you: Just have faith! No matter what your situation looks like, if you keep believing and continue to trust in the Lord, you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalm 27.13).

Just have faith

Here she is: our new Expedition!


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