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Did You Know God Says You’re Beautiful?

God says you're beautifulYesterday I was asked by a dear friend Lauren if I would give an interview for her blog on the topic of beauty. Did you know that God says you’re beautiful? As I thought about what I would share, that thought kept resounding with me. Yes, yes. He speaks his love softly in our ear, awaiting for us to recognize His voice and agree with his declaration.

“You are beautiful. You are chosen. You are loved.”

Do you hear him saying that to you?

The Voice We Usually Listen To

Unfortunately, we usually listen to another voice. A voice that tells us we are clumsy, inadequate and failures. This voice torments us and tears holes in our sails as we seek to set off shore.

You must not listen to this voice. This is the voice of your enemy. His sole purpose is to distract you from the beauty that God has placed within you and trick you into thinking you are less than who God says you are.

Our Help

god says you're beautifulIf you saw the movie, The Help, or read the book, you’ll remember Aibileen comforting her little mistress with these words,

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Now imagine your Creator speaking those same words over you right now. You is! 🙂

God says you’re beautiful. That doesn’t mean you don’t have areas that need mending, but it does mean that right now, in your present state you are beautiful to him. You are “possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: wonderful; excellent of its kind.” according to Dictionary.com

So according to this definition, guys are beautiful too!

The God Says You are Beautiful Interview

This interview made me feel proud to know that God says I’m beautiful. <===Read it right here. My favorite line from the interview was:

“I love to encourage others and inspire them to live up to their highest potential. I believe this is my most beautiful inner trait and it’s how I best reflect the beauty of the Father to the world.”

It really is how I feel, and I pray after reading this you feel beautiful too! Remember beauty is in the eye of “the Beholder,” and your Beholder says you’re beautiful!



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