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The Secret to Finding the Time to Write

finding time to writeI’m a work at home mom to 4 very active children. I run a full-time internet marketing business, write freelance, volunteer at my church, spend time with my friends and somehow still manage to find time to write my novels.

I’m no superwoman. As a matter of fact, at times I stumble into the shower at night, then fall into bed, already asleep before my 6 minute bedtime meditation goes off.

Finding the time to write is just like finding the time to exercise or study or anything else for that matter. You must prioritize and make a commitment to yourself to get it done, no matter what.

Years ago, when I first decided to write, a mentor and fellow author gave me some great advice. “Write daily. Even if it’s just for five minutes a day.”

Most often, just getting the laptop out and getting your mind in gear is all you need for the creative juices to start flowing. And those five minutes stretch on to fifteen . . . and then thirty . . . and then 2 hours! Remember, the more you write, the better you write.

Simple Writing Tips to Help You Find the Time to Write:

1. Make an appointment in your calendar. Whatever is happening at that time gets trumped. When the clock strikes 5 or 10 or whenever, just start writing.

2. Make a commitment daily. Even if you’ve pulled the comforter over your eyes, if you realize you haven’t written for that day, get out of bed and write . . . even if it’s just for five minutes.

3. Remember your goals/dreams. Oftentimes when we’re unmotivated to write, it’s because we’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. Imagine your loyal readers waiting on you to publish their next favorite book. That should get those creative chops in gear!

4. Honor your creativity. There are times when I just have to tell myself, “You deserve to write today.” Like many authors, writing is therapeutic for me and it can be a great way to honor your God-given gifts.

5. Get an accountability partner. Sometimes we need someone “in our face” challenging us to do what we know is right. Getting a partner to hold you accountable to your goals is a necessity if you can’t hold yourself accountable.

6. Ask yourself if there are any underlying issues. I came across an excellent article on on Fiction Writing that speaks of this . . .”Is it a fear of failure, a longstanding tendency to procrastinate, or something as simple as a lack of writing space?” the article asks. Be honest with yourself on some possible root causes.

Practicing these simple writing tips will help you to find the time to write no matter what’s going on. Now get to writing. You deserve it!

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