Coincidence? I Think Not. No Coincidences In My Book

Coincidence? I Think NOT! Why There Are No Coincidences

no coincidenceI believe there are no coincidences. Listen to this story and tell me . . .coincidence? I think not! Yesterday I was sitting outside of my son’s football practice, waiting for them to finish when an old acquaintance’s business card literally fell into my lap. I had just been listening to a powerful inspirational audio and literally as the guy said good-bye, here floats this business card out of nowhere.
I hadn’t thought of this guy in years, but since I believe there are no coincidences, I knew instinctively I was to call him.
So I was obedient to that still, small voice within and made the call. Voicemail. No biggie. I left the guy a message, telling him of the odd way in which his name came across my lap. I asked to call me back. He texted back and said he’d call after he got out of church.
As I responded back, I started asking myself . . . Is this a coincidence? I think not! I wondered why I was to talk to this guy and what would come out of our conversation.
I knew he was in business and I, myself, have a home-based marketing business that I felt could really help him. Presto! That had to be the reason he came to me that way.

“This is No Coincidence” He Said

We had a great conversation and both of us realized that surely this encounter was no coincidence. He was at a hiatus in his business and I shared with him the business opportunity that took me from 0 to making more money online this month than I ever made in all my previous jobs combined!

He was open. I shared freely.

I got that familiar tickle deep in my belly when I know I’m right on purpose.

Like an arrow that hits its target. There was no denying God wanted me to reach out to this gentleman.

After I hung up with him, I felt a sense of completion. See, it didn’t matter all that much about what would happen next. My focus wasn’t on the end result, but on the journey. If I had not believed that his business card falling into my lap was no coincidence, I wouldn’t have made the call.

I have a saying that goes, “There are no coincidences, only God-incidences.” I believe everything happens for a reason or by providence and we would be so wise to learn from these seemingly chance encounters.

What about you? Do you say, “Coincidence? No Way!” or do you believe that somethings just happen by chance?

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