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Mom Gets Props for Breastfeeding in Public

breastfeed in public yes or noI came across an article today about a mother of three who chose to breastfeed in public. I know, shocker of the year, right? The reason this article stuck out to me was because of the kind gesture of a waitress at the pizza joint where the breastfeeding mother and her family dined for her birthday.

If you’re a parent, you know how it is: the kids get restless, then they get rowdy, then the baby starts crying as you look embarrassingly around the restaurant, trying to avoid the daggers other patrons are shooting with their eyes. Who hasn’t been there?

This mom decided to “pop it out” and breastfeed her baby, even as the waitress and other onlookers gazed. To her surprise though, she received a sweet note written on her receipt. Take a look:

breastfeeding in public a surpriseNow that’s what I’m talking about! Someone (a the waitress in this case) actually appreciated this woman for her decision to breastfeed in public.

Maybe you’re reading this story thinking, “Ew!” I’ve always wondered why people have such an aversion to women breastfeeding in public.

Most women I’ve seen are very discreet and quite simply are just responding to their baby’s need to feed.

As a woman who breastfed all four of my children past the age of one, I don’t understand what the problem is.

The Dilemma with Breastfeeding in Public

Actually, I do get it. Sort of. In most cases, knowing that a woman is exposing herself can be a little weird for some people, I guess. It’s funny though how those same people usually have no problem with scantily clad women showing other body parts to enthusiastic onlookers (think, the beach!).

Why should a perfectly normal and natural thing like breastfeeding be looked down upon?

I’ve even heard cases of women getting kicked out of public places for breastfeeding. Or the infamous case a few years back of the woman in the department store who was told, “No food or drinks allowed,” as she discreetly breastfed her baby.

The story of the pizza parlor mom shows that not everyone is grossed out when moms choose to feed their children. In fact, some moms are even honored for it.

What do you think? Should moms breastfeed in public or should they pack it up and wait for a more appropriate time? Share your thoughts below.

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4 thoughts on “Breastfeed in Public? Another Side of the Coin

  • Jennifer Cattrell

    Yes, women should breastfeed in public. Would you like to eat your lunch in a bathroom stall? It can be done discreetly, and the last time I checked it is legal everywhere but a court of law. It might be possible to nurse the first one in private, but how can you do that with other kids running around? Why should mom and baby be isolated anyway? Feeding a baby is completely natural. I hate to think that some moms feel they have to pump and bottle feed in public.

    • Dana Che Post author

      I agree Jennifer. And that’s such a great point you make regarding most of us wouldn’t want to eat our lunch in the bathroom, so why expect the babes to? I think a new word I’m going to coin is breastophobic. 🙂

  • Nancy

    As a mother of three who also breast fed my children too, I must say I never did so publicly or at least not without covering myself and my baby. I believe that breastfeeding is a beautiful and a natural act however, it is also a very personal and intimate one. Discretion and consideration still has to be used. If the baby gets hungry in church while the pastor is preaching would it be okay to allow the baby to latch then? God gives wisdom generously to those who ask.