My Boyfriend Won’t Marry Me

My Boyfriend Won’t Marry Me

boyfriend won't marry meI received an email from a woman wanting advice because in her own words, “My boyfriend won’t marry me.” She has been living with him for several years and at first neither of them wanted to get married. They both felt that their relationship was solid, and he didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken. Many people feel this way. But what happens when one person changes his/her mind? Can this relationship find a compromise or is it time to move on? Watch the video below to hear my advice.

According to a Bloomberg report, three out of four women in the U.S. have lived with a partner without being married by the age of 30. That’s a lot of cohabitating! These numbers have sharply increased over the last 20 years, and now instead of living together as a prerequisite to marriage, some couples are choosing not to marry at all. 


Possible reasons why a girlfriend or boyfriend won’t marry:

  • Financial- Weddings are expensive!
  • Too Risky- Financial risks as well as the messiness of a divorce are common reasons some people choose not to marry
  • Fear- Along the lines of risk, many people have grown up seeing the damage divorce has on a family and want to forego that altogether. Some fear commitment. Watch the video above to hear me expound upon fear.

Many people’s moral or religious beliefs play a major factor when deciding to get married. While I don’t feel anyone should ever marry out of obligation, I do believe these powerful influences shouldn’t be ignored. So whether you decide to get married or not, be sure that you are making the decision with a clear and level head, free from compulsion and of course with the long-haul in mind!

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