100 Reasons to Give Thanks

100 Reasons to Give Thanks


Here in the U.S., the Thanksgiving holiday is just days away. Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is my fave! Not only because of all the yummy food and quality family time, but because it’s a day where the focus isn’t on gifts or candy. I’ve said before, however, that every day should be thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, I even started a gratitude log on my site earlier this year for the sole purpose of logging the things I’m grateful for and giving others a place where they could share what they’re grateful for. Sadly, I’ve received more comments about how to make money online on my YouTube channel than I have on this gratitude log.

Interestingly, though it seems like an oxymoron, giving thanks is the best anecdote to stress or lack. When you take the focus off of all of your “aren’ts” and “nots,” you are able to appreciate what you do have and position yourself for more.

My faith is being tested something crazy right now. As you know, we have a large family: 4 natural kids, 1 international “daughter,” & a dog who has had to have surgery 3 times in the last month! My husband works very hard to provide for our family, but right now, things are tight. Really tight. Real, real tight. Did I mention things are tiggidy-tight?! I can look at our bank account and pop a Xanax, or I can pull out my Sword and fight. I choose the latter. Focusing on the promises of God is the ONLY thing that keeps me in peace. I honestly do not know how those without a Living Hope make it . . .

So to slap the devil in the face for thinking he was going to stress me out with these problems and to give God the praise He’s most worthy of, I have compiled a list of 100 reasons to give thanks. This is my list, but please do, write your own! And then share today’s tweetable below.

100 reasons to give thanks

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Today’s Tweetable:  Tweet: Gratitude is the cure to stress, worry & lack. Being thankful for what you already have positions you to receive more.@dana_che #givethanks

100 Reasons I’m Thankful

1. I am alive.

2. I have a relationship with Jesus.

3. I’m not going to hell.

4. I have an awesome family.

5. I have a husband who loves me.

6. Chris

6. Cayla

7. Corey

8. Collin

9. Miglija- our international daughter

10. My mom introducing me to the the LORD

11. My mom being an involved, loving grandmother

12. My mom for not killing me during my rebellious teen years!

13. I overcame a spirit of fear.

14. God healed my marriage.

15. I actually did make money online

16.  I have an online presence to inspire, encourage and empower others

17. My leadership gift

18. My hairstylist

19. My dentist

20. Makeup . . . bless the Lord!

21. The influence God’s allowed me to have

22. The fact God chooses me to partner with Him . . . yep, it still amazes me!

23. I can read

24. I can write

25. Even in my lack, I’m still richer than 98% of the world (and you are too if you live in the U.S.)

26. My Sword. I use it every day!

27. An intimate, conversational prayer life

28. My health!

29. My kids’ school where they’re taught godly principles

30. My kids’ friends who are good influences . . . for the most part

31. Laughter!

32. Peace in my heart

33. Joy in my spirit

34. My laugh lines. I will never Botox them away!

35. Nick Vujicic. Hands down, the MOST inspiring person I’ve yet to meet.

36. My life group

37. My amazing, multicultural church

38. My cell phone

39. Wisdom, understanding and revelation of the Word of God

40. YouTube- where I learned how to do my backsplash, tile my floors, build a website and cook healthy food

41. Social media that keeps us all connected

42. Grace and mercy

43. The food I ate this morning

44. The rain patting against my rooftop at this moment

45. Our cars in the driveway

46. The food in our pantry

47. Lysol

48. The gift to speak and empower others

49. The gift to write and inspire others

50. My DVR- what would I do without it recording the one show I watch on TV?!

51. Shark Tank- It’s made me a better entrepreneur

52. Our daily morning prayer calls with kingdom-minded entrepreneurs

53. Health insurance

54. Clean water

55. Deer Park bottled water when I don’t think our water is clean enough

56. A sense of humor!

57. My past churches

58. Being taught to respect authority

59. Sweet memories

60. Living so close to the ocean

61. My home- it truly is a gift from God

62. My in-laws (Their placement on this list is not indicative of their importance to me! I just didn’t want to have to renumber!)

63. Income opportunities

64. My teachers

65. My mentors

66. My pastors

67. My ability and love of dancing

68. Blinds on my windows so my neighbors don’t have to watch me dance!

69. My cheerleaders who underscore so many valuable life lessons

70. Great books

71. Selfless people

72. Target- I love you Target!

73. Weekends

74. Mondays when the kids go back to school

75. My super-comfy bed

76. Indoor plumbing

77. My clothes

78. My shoes

79. Family time

80. The privilege of being a blessing to others

81. My blog that has encouraged many

82. Shellac nail polish

83. My grandmothers who are still alive and well!

84. Longevity in my family

85. Youthful genes!

86. God’s correction

87. God’s direction and guidance

88. That I am loved by God no matter what!

89. God’s protection

90. The Holy Spirit that teaches, comforts and empowers me

91. New beginnings

92. 2nd and 35,000-umpteenth chances

93. My nose- I think it’s cute

94. Never taking myself too seriously

95. My neighborhood

96. My neighbors

97. New ideas

98. How God made me

99. God’s faithfulness

100. Living a fulfilling life

Whew! I made it! Did you actually read all 100? Good for you! Now, how about you make a list of 100 reasons to give thanks yourself? There’s no way you can stay negative with a list like this!

Much Love and Many Thanks!


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