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The Best Inspirational Books I’ve Read

I’m an avid reader. My oldest son and I always have to have to be reading something! In the car (while I’m not driving . . . usually J), at the breakfast table, in the bathroom . . . So I have compiled a list of the best inspirational books I’ve read so far. You can purchase all of these from my Amazon store. (This is an affiliate link).

Inspirational Novels

Francine Rivers

Best Inspirational booksOne of ,if not the absolute best inspirational books I’ve ever read is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Oh how I love this book! I first read it as a part of my old book club and cried most of the way through. I absolutely “boo-hooed” at the end! Last year I had the privilege to be a part of the stage play Redeeming Love, adapted by my friend, Scott Hayes. What a pleasure to see this book literally come to life! Set in the 1800’s during the California Gold Rush, Angel isn’t looking for love. Still love finds her and finally heals her sin-sick soul.  Redeeming Love has my vote for one of the best inspirational books ever written.

Best Inspirational BooksContinuing with the Francine Rivers theme (did I mention she’s my favorite author?), I highly recommend And the Shofar Blew: a story of a young, new (and a little too full of himself) pastor who begins to gain recognition and clout before everything goes downhill majorly. My son actually read this book in two days though it’s nearly 500 pages long!

Karen Kingsbury

I also really like Karen Kingsbury. I read through the entire Firstborn book series in just a couple of weeks. Karen’s characters become a part of your family. I’d often think of them late at night and wonder what they were doing! That’s good writing there! You can check out Karen’s website here for a listing of her other best inspirational books.

Stacy Hawkins Adams

Best Inspirational Books- Coming HomeStacey Hawkins Adams has several great inspirational books out. Her newest (at the time of this writing) is Coming Home, a story about a character named Dayna (love that name!) whose husband has been unfaithful and is now seeking forgiveness seven years later. I will be reading this book with my virtual women’s prayer group Intimate Intercessors. How can I call this one of the “best inspirational books” without reading it? I know Stacy’s work, and I’m sure this book will be great!

Melody Carlson

I was introduced to Melody’s books when I began research for my own inspirational book series. Melody is often classified as a “young adult fiction” writer, though she actually writes for several different genres. I love HGTV, and Melody’s book, A Mile in My Flip Flops satisfied both my guilty pleasures of reading and redesigning in one book, earning her a place on my best inspirational books list.

“Self-Help” Inspirational Books

When it comes to self-help books, there’s a lot to be wary of these days. If you’re like me, you likely don’t want to “center” or find the “you inside yourself.” Such talk gets my eyes to rolling and is not my idea of good or best inspirational books.

Max Lucado

When I’m looking for self-help/personal development type books, I tend to choose anything from Max Lucado. My favorite from him is A Love Worth Giving.  Max is probably my second favorite Inspirational (Christian) author behind the great Francine.

Bruce Wilkinson

Best Inspirational BooksBruce Wilkinson’s The Dream Giver is a must-read for anyone who is contemplating or beginning a new chapter in their life. The parable of “Ordinary” on his journey to his Dream is one of the most encouraging, best inspirational books I’ve ever read. My business took a major leap after reading The Dream Giver.

Joyce Meyer

I could read anything from Joyce Meyer. Her “realness factor” is such a breath of fresh air when so many Christian women portray a nice and tidy life all the time. Joyce just tells it like it is. My favorite book from her is Battlefield of the Mind. If we can get our thoughts right, our lives will be right.

Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere, who calls herself a little ADD, can sometimes seem a little all over the place in her writing. But I love Lisa. Her high energy and passion for God, not to mention the way she brings out the most humorous application of the Bible keeps me coming for more. At the end of each book, I’m saying, “Yes Lord!” My favorite inspirational book from Lisa is Out of Control and Loving It! She talks candidly about  her own anger issues and isn’t afraid to share how Christ redeemed her dark side.

Stormie Omartian

What Christian woman hasn’t read something from Stormie Omartian? Stormie teaches you how to pray. I’ve read all the books in The Power of A  . . . series (yes, even The Power of a Praying Husband :-)).  But the best inspirational book from Stormie that really touched me the most was Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On. When you’re facing an uncertain and difficult time, this book will bring such peace to your spirit as you trust God for TODAY.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Best Inspirational BooksMichelle McKinney Hammond has written several books for “all my single ladies.” Her “tell it like it is” approach is most appreciated and she has helped women the world over understand that their destiny is not tied up in a man, but in who God created them to be. To be honest, I’ve not read through a full MMH book, as her books cater to the single woman. However, I hear that Sassy, Single and Satisfied and If Men are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One? are very good books. To my credit, I have been to one of MMH’s conferences and the girl is no joke! She really knows her stuff and is an inspiration of single life God’s way.

Each of the authors above explain the Word of God in such a relevant, easy to grasp manner and truly define the “help” in self-help inspirational books. Even the newest of Christians or someone who doesn’t yet know the Lord can understand and be changed by the truths in their books. Visit my Amazon store to review and/or purchase any inspirational books from these or other authors.

Inspirational Non-Fiction Books

What’s the difference between inspirational non-fiction books and inspirational self-help books? Not much actually. I am dividing them into different categories simply because I think authors like John Bevere, Randy Alcorn, Sarah P. Young and Tony Evans focus more on the application of the Word of God versus the “12 Tips for a Better Life” approach. However, these inspirational Christian authors could easily be a part of either category.

Randy Alcorn

Why Pro-Life? was the first Randy Alcorn book I read and is still my favorite of his. This book really dives in the issue of the abortion issue and gracefully explains why Christians should be pro-life. If you haven’t read it, the reasons might surprise you.

Sarah P. Young

Best Inspirational BooksA few years ago, I was introduced to Sarah P. Young’s Jesus Calling. Though technically not considered a non-fiction inspirational book, this devotional is meant to be read as Jesus calling His beloved. This little book has encouraged me through some of the darkest moments in my life, and now I recommend it to you as one of best inspirational books ever written.

Tony Evans

I grew up listening to Tony Evans on the radio. At a time when most of the radio preachers literally put me to sleep, Tony Evans always engaged my little mind. Even at 8 and 9 years old, I would look forward to hearing him when my mom turned on the radio. So when I read his book, For Married Women Only, it brought back those old, warm feelings of riding in the car hearing this powerful man of God speak truth. There is a companion book appropriately called, For Married Men Only. I hear it’s a must-read for every man who wants to be married or is already married.

My Own Inspirational Books

Okay. I’ve saved the best for last. :-) The whole idea of writing an inspirational book series came to mind when I was pregnant with my third child. I always knew I’d be a writer, and I knew my time had finally come. The characters of my book series are more than figments of my imagination. I’ve either personally or closely dealt with many (not all) of their issues such as teen pregnancy, infidelity, depression, loss of a loved one or homosexuality.

Dana Che’s Choices Book Series

Life is complicated! The choices we make can be too. Our choices and decisions can have a domino effect, influencing future and subsequent choices for a lifetime.

In my multicultural, inspirational book series, Choices, my readers will follow the Walker, Sanchez and Dixon families as they discover just how their lives and communities are dramatically impacted with each choice they make.

Each book focuses on a specific social issue including teenage pregnancy, infidelity/cheating, eating disorders, human sex trafficking, homosexuality and suicide that plague many families today. Through it all, my readers will be left with a redeeming and encouraging message of hope, no matter what their life circumstances might presently be.

The first book in the Choices series, The Choice that Changed Her Life, published in December, 2013. Get your copy TODAY!

I hope you’ve found some great books to read in this “best inspirational books” list! Don’t forget to visit my Amazon Store and stay tuned for more information on where to purchase the Choices book series and other inspirational books by Dana Che!


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